eTail Europe 2019

18 - 19 June, 2019

Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London

Lorna Springall

Head of Social Media
Marks and Spencer

2:15 PM Retail Presentation: Saying The Same Thing Differently: How To Optimize Your Content For Different Channels

People experience content differently based on where they see it, when they see it, and how they come across it. An email from your brand might get skimmed on the office computer, a social media post glanced at while waiting for coffee, and an online tutorial watched straight through when help is needed depending on a variety of factors. Content is time and cost-intensive, so instead of generating entirely new content for each of your channels, learn how to make the same concepts work in an omnichannel capacity. Takeaways will include:
- Developing an understanding of the purpose of each channel and best practices for formatting posts to match these purposes
- Modifying imagery, language vernaculars and fonts to suit the time of day that customers are receiving or seeing your messaging 
- Tailoring content styles and formats for the device you expect it to appear on
- Understanding the value of each channel and creating content that is compatible with each channel that you wish to use.

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Lorna.

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