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eTail Europe Blog & Case Studies

At eTail Europe, we love giving away plenty of free content, so you can always keep up with the latest developments in the industry. Below we have a few of our most popular articles and case studies.

How Chatbots Are Reshaping Ecommerce Strategy

Chatbots are on the rise, creating a potential goldmine for ecommerce as businesses look for new ways to attract, entertain, and monetise an audience.

Matalan's Omnichannel Strategy Is Winning Big

The omnichannel imperative for retailers has never been more pressing. In the UK, 95% of shoppers interact with a brand across multiple channels - meaning that there now remains only a very small minority that stick to just one channel.

How British Ecommerce Businesses Can Prepare for Brexit

Ever since Britain held a referendum to decide the future of its membership with the European Union the business world has been wracked with uncertainty. However, there are some ways post-Brexit ecommerce companies can make sure they're ready.

John Lewis' Mobile In-Store Engagement Strategy

High-end UK department store chain John Lewis is widely regarded as somewhat of a trailblazer when it comes to customer experience - and its strategy to engage the mobile customer is no exception.

MotherCare's AR Mobile Retail Strategy

Augmented reality has become incredibly popular with smartphone users in recent years, and parent-focused retailer Mothercare is using it to bring their catalogue to life.

How Sainsbury's is Using Big Data to Drive Customer Experience

Retail data has been a major component of driving customer experience for a while now. However, as we move into 2018, fresh thinking is required to make sure methods don't go stale.

Retail CMOs Turn to AI to Improve Consumer Relationships

Building Lasting Consumer Relationships In Retail

How the Marks & Spencer Loyalty Card Upgrades In-Store Fulfilment & Personalisation

A loyalty programme is just the first step for Marks & Sparks' data driven approach.

Lego Has the Building Blocks for Social Media Success

Discover how Lego creates and leverages tailored content to engage customers across its social media channels.

How Graze Uses Analytics to Deliver Personalisation and Multi-Channel Growth

Data-fueled personalization is key to Graze's growth strategy. Here's how they do it.

The Importance of Digital Skills

How to address the digital skills gap.

River Island’s Digital Transformation Strategy Has an Omnichannel Focus

Bringing their online channel strategy into the store has been key for River Island's success on the high street.

Boots Sales Assist App Prescribes a Better Customer Experience

Boots is in an ideal position to improve its services with this kind of assisted selling.

Multichannel Differentiation: Lessons From A Top 20 US Retailer

All of your company’s content, social messaging or advertising campaigns offer an opportunity for your customers to interact with your brand.