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3 Keys To International Growth For European Retailers

3 Keys To International Growth For European Retailers3 Keys To International Growth For European Retailers
Recent data from the Centre for Retail Research reveals that online retail will remain one of the main sources for revenue growth in European markets in 2017. Featuring insights from a survey of 79 European retail executives, this data illustrates that retailers are hungry to harness the power of e-commerce to expand into other markets around the world. As the following deep-dive into our survey suggests, it’s up to retailers to identify and seize online opportunities beyond the borders of their primary markets.

Key topics include:
  • Types of retailers that participated in the study
  • Key markets for European retailers
  • Planning and executing expansion into new markets
Key findings:
  • International expansion ranks as the most important element of European retailers’ growth plans: Among the 79 surveyed retail executives, identifying and serving customers in new markets represents their most important growth strategy. This takes priority over other concerns such as growth within home markets, and developing new lines of business. These business leaders said that expanding their brands into global markets is critical for growth, despite the challenges they might face in moving beyond their home markets.
  • Logistics and local demand generation are the biggest challenges facing retailers entering new markets: Setting up fulfillment networks in countries where a retailer doesn’t have a physical presence is a significant challenge. Generating demand in new online markets where brand awareness is low (or nonexistent) is also daunting, the execs said.
  • Current web traffic from a market is the most favored indicator of its revenue potential: Retailers believe the best way to identify expansion-worthy online markets is to examine the current website traffic their sites receive from international shoppers. When a trend in traffic becomes apparent, retailers take advantage by translating, localising, and optimising the website for the market.

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