eTail Europe 2019

18 - 19 June, 2019

Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London

Kunal Banerjee

Head of Product, Analytics & UX
Pizza Hut Digital Ventures

3:05 PM Panel Revolution: Determine The Right KPIs For Omnichannel To Hit Key Business Goals

Tracking your digital growth is an ellusive task, but a crucial one when benchmark your efforts towards  to improving the customer experience. Defining relevant KPI’s is an integral part of this process. This session will explore:
- How to build functionality between online and store systems, with the customer as the foundation for your strategy
- How to move away from traditional “store level” KPIs towards omnichannel, “guest level” KPIs
- How to get collaboration between the buyer and seller to truly execute on the omnichannel promise

4:35 PM Panel: Take And Use Only What You Must: Balancing Your Need For Data With Your Customer’s Desire For Privacy

It is important to be sensitive about data collection and usage in a market now governed by GDPR. However, it is also important to offer customers personalized online shopping experiences that are suited to their unique consumer preferences. How do you find the balance? This session will walk you through:
- Best practices for data collection at checkout that maximize your useful data collection without invading the customer privacy
- Limiting usage of personal data like first names to email promotions rather than creating overtly and obviously personalized sites
- Displaying some non-optimized or otherwise irrelevant content to ease consumers’ fear of surveillance
- Seeking feedback from customers about the types of personalized experiences and services they prefer so that you are able to deliver accordingly
- Refining your Personalisation practices to ensure that they are helpful without crossing into the territory of being creepy

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Kunal.

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