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20 - 22 June, 2017

Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London

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[Whitepaper] The Mid-Year E-Commerce Outlook for Large Enterprises

[Whitepaper] The Mid-Year E-Commerce Outlook for Large Enterprises[Whitepaper] The Mid-Year E-Commerce Outlook for Large Enterprises
Thanks largely to the proliferation of digital commerce channels and new-age technologies, the retail landscape is more competitive than ever. Large retailers with global footprints are under siege by smaller, more agile brands that are seizing competitive advantages wherever they can find them – from more engaging shopping experiences to smoother fulfillment.

Every year, the eTail team surveys its audience to learn about the tools and technologies they're implementing, the goals they're chasing, and the results they're seeing. Concentrating on large retailers with annual revenues above £500 million, this report analyzes how brands are seeing success with mobile, social, and site optimization. 

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To overcome challenges, retailers are turning to technologies that can unlock new ways to engage with consumers, drive sales, and cultivate a community of loyal brand advocates. However, retail brands have a dizzying array of technologies and services to choose from – capabilities that can amplify their messaging, streamline their operations, and improve the reliability of their digital channels. It is not always clear which capabilities are worthy of investment, and the pressure to make those investments count can be tremendous.

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