eTail Europe 2018

June 19-June 21, 2018

Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London

44 20.7368.9465

Matt Lerner

Partner, London
500 Startups

Matt Lerner runs 500 Startups' London office where he has invested in 30 companies across Europe in the past 16 months. Prior to joining 500 Startups, he was a Marketing Director at PayPal, both in the Valley and in the UK. Working at PayPal allowed Lerner to see data from millions of ecommerce businesses around the world - who was growing, how fast, retention rates, fraud rates, etc. He and his team spent a lot of time studying that data and looking for predictors of success - and failure. In his time at PayPal, he learned a lot about what makes an online business successful, and now he applies that every day as an early-stage VC, selecting and mentoring the next generation of hyper-growth businesses.