eTail Europe 2017

June 20-June 22, 2017

Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London

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Online Customer Engagement

08:15 AM - 08:55 AM Breakfast & Registration

Join us bright and early as we start the day with tea, coffee and a light breakfast.

08:55 AM - 09:00 AM Welcome Remarks

Greg Ashton, Senior Director, eTail Europe


Greg Ashton

Senior Director
eTail Europe

09:00 AM - 09:05 AM Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Diana Smith, Head of Product Marketing, Segment


Diana Smith

Head of Product Marketing

09:05 AM - 09:25 AM KEYNOTE: Creativity for Performance – Managing Data, People & Processes to Turn Creativity Into Performance

Mirko Caspar , Managing Director, Mister Spex
As Managing Director of the largest online optician in Europe, Mirko is spearheading the reinvention of the company's eCommerce experience. In a highly competitive market, Mirko is focused on discovering the initial driver for online market adoption –price, assortment or something else? Here he provides an answer to this question, as well as sharing his overall vision for the digital business over the next three years.

• Developing an overall picture of your customer as the foundation for your strategy
• Recommendations around what actions companies must take to stay ahead of future market changes triggered by emerging technologies


Mirko Caspar

Managing Director
Mister Spex

09:25 AM - 09:45 AM CASE STUDY: From Bricks To Clicks: How To Bring Offline And Online Together Holistically

Andy Gibbs, CFO, Graze
As CEO of the disruptive FMCG brand, graze, Anthony’s mission is to use technology to make the world’s number one healthy snacking brand. Graze expanded beyond its pure play roots over a year ago selling through major retailers, and became a category leader within months of its launch. So what key components did graze take from the direct to consumer business, in order to succeed in multichannel retailing? Here Anthony shares his biggest learnings from the journey so far, and how to prioritize your technology investments to take advantage of the shift from traditional retail to eCommerce.

Sourcing and distributing accurate customer data, and getting old data systems to talk to new ones
Learning more about your customer’s needs as their engagement grows
Selecting third part technology providers that understand your long term growth goals


Andy Gibbs


09:45 AM - 10:20 AM KEYNOTE: How To Make A Capex Free Business Case Out Of A Universal Communications Solution

Neal Johnson, Director, IT Service and Operations, House of Fraser
With over 20 years experience in IT and business transformation, Neal is here to share the results of his latest major project- creating a universal communications solution with the replacement of WAN, LAN, WiFi, fixed telephony and mobile/data telephony at House of Fraser. Neal will explain his tried-and-tested techniques of aligning people, process and technology with business strategy and vision, and give you quick wins and short cuts that you can apply across your own company today.

Neal Johnson

Director, IT Service and Operations
House of Fraser
Cross-Device Attribution still isn't perfect, but it is critical. Right now, marketing channels are innovating faster than we can come up with ways to count them. So, as the practice of multichannel attribution attains a certain level of maturity, each of this morning’s panelists outline their view of a unified platform that manages the fluidity of budget and technology, and give you a new perspective on how to tackle attribution in 2017 and beyond:

Identifying what weight to place on each channel with an effective attribution model
Attributing offline sales to online advertising- is there a ‘correct’ method
Making accurate marketing investments across mobile, desktop, tablet and instore


Sergio Romero Penas

Director, Marketing & Performance Analytics

Richard Clark

Director, Marketing

Stephen McCreath

Group Marketing Director

Angus Hamilton

Search Laboratory

Emma Mead

Digital Director
Holland & Barrett

10:50 AM - 11:20 AM Morning Break

Did you enjoy this morning’s presentations and panels? Share your takeaways with fellow eTailers as we head into a light refreshment break.

Track B: Retention & Loyalty (Westminster)

11:20 AM - 11:50 AM EMAIL PANEL REVOLUTION: Get A Greater ROI With Your Email Programs

Mark Campbell, Head of Customer Marketing, QVC Charlotte Davis, Head of Content & SEO, VisionDirect
Email can be both the most personal and frequent way to be in touch with your customers, giving you a fast path to purchase. Knowing which technologies will best support your email strategies is critical. The executives on this panel have the answers to your burning questions:

What are the key differences between different email providers to assist with getting an ROI on your programs?
How do you define success in email today?
What kinds of email messages are most successful to (1) acquire customers and (2) retain buyers?
How are you personalizing your email and what have been the results?


Mark Campbell

Head of Customer Marketing

Charlotte Davis

Head of Content & SEO

Track B: Retention & Loyalty (Westminster)

11:50 AM - 12:10 PM KEYNOTE: CRM as a Growth Strategy

Alon Tvina, CCO, Optimove
In this session Alon Tvina, Optimove’s Chief Commercial Officer will discuss strategies and tactics to drive growth through a brand’s existing customer base. Customer marketing has the power to transform businesses and change bottom lines. Existing customers are a critical driver of every company’s success. Their loyal relationship with the brand means that they make more and larger transactions than new customers, and are responsible for a significant percentage of revenues. In an environment of extreme competition, nurturing these customers is crucial. Despite its promise and relative ease of implementation, many companies avoid or fail at executing efficient customer marketing. According to a recent study by Bain & Co, increasing your customer retention rate by just 5% can lead to an increase of 25%-90% in profit. However, four out of every five companies still lack a systematic methodology for how to best address existing customers, and fail to transform the data they have into tangible, actionable insights around which marketing activities can be structured. Getting to know your customers through predictive analytics and machine learning will enable you to improve your communications tenfold and reap the benefits of a loyal, engaged customer base for your brand.

Alon Tvina


Track A: Social Engagement (Whittle Room)

12:10 PM - 12:40 PM SOCIAL PANEL REVOLUTION: The Role Of Social Media In The Customer Journey

Patrick Osborne, Head of Strategic Insight & Reporting, QVC Adeola Sole , Digital Marketing Manager , Mint Velvet Amy Jackson , Digital Marketing Manager , Lipsy London
Our panelists have used successful social programs to retain customers and keep them engaged. They’ll talk through how they’ve approached different social initiatives, how they’ve measured the success of their programs, and how you can take advantage of all that social programs have to offer.

Setting up team infrastructure to manage social engagement programs
Measuring feedback from social channels and developing the correct KPIs
Assessing tools to help monitor what the customer is saying about your brand
Building earned media programs to create stories and narratives that are low cost


Patrick Osborne

Head of Strategic Insight & Reporting

Adeola Sole

Digital Marketing Manager
Mint Velvet

Amy Jackson

Digital Marketing Manager
Lipsy London

12:40 PM - 1:40 PM Lunch

Its your last chance to mix, mingle and swap business cards during a delicious lunch, as the 2017 show winds down.
A great way to end the conference - relax in our roundtable chats, hosted by your retail peers. Pick a table and enjoy a collaboriate discussion to help solve your eCommerce challenges

1. Design Your eCommerce Experience Based On Individual Customer Preferences, Behaviors And Purchasing Power
Neil Ellul, Customer Journey Manager, Next

2. Overcoming Cross-Border And International Trade Issues
Jeroen Leenders, Founder & Publisher, Cross-Border Magazine

3. International Rollout of eCommerce
Jos Williams, Marketing Director, Bulk Powders

4. The Journey to Personalisation.
Mark Lilley, Head of eCommerce, Chain Reaction Cycles


Jeroen Leenders

Founder & Publisher
Cross-Border Magazine

Jos Williams

Marketing Director
Bulk Powders

Mark Lilley

(Former) Head of eCommerce
Chain Reaction Cycles

2:40 PM - 11:59 PM Close Of eTail Europe 2017