eTail Europe 2017

20 - 22 June, 2017

Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London

+44 20.7368.9465

 Mike Durbridge
Mike Durbridge Director, Omnichannel B&Q

Day 2: Digital Transformation - Wednesday, June 21st

11:30 AM CASE STUDY: Determine The Right KPIs For Omnichannel To Hit Key Goals For Your Business

Mike believes that to become truly omnichannel, you need to re-map your organization, stitch together online and offline data and create new omnichannel KPIs to measure your success. This requires huge changes in reporting structures, team incentives and ongoing cultural change. Mike shares his latest successes and failures to help you determine which omnichannel KPIs are best for your business, and help you prioritise your omnichannel investements.

How to build functionality between online and store systems, with the customer as the foundation for your strategy
How to move away from traditional “store level” KPIs towards omnichannel, “guest level” KPIs
How to get collaboration between the buyer and seller to truly execute on the omnichannel promise