eTail Europe 2017

20 - 22 June, 2017

Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London

+44 20.7368.9465

 James Olszowski
James Olszowski International Expansion Manager M& Marks & Spencer

Day 2: Digital Transformation - Wednesday, June 21st

3:05 PM MARKETPLACE PANEL REVOLUTION: What You Need To Know About Your Friend (Or Foe)

Many online merchants are now selling their products on marketplaces to expand their reach. Our panelists share experiences of running major marketplace initiatives, offering tips on to increase sales, acquire more customers and gain access to international markets through marketplaces:

Integrating ERP systems into marketplaces—how to examine a phased approach for each
Competing within marketplaces: enhancing your product rank 
Effectively advertising on marketplaces to drive traffic to your site 
Figuring out what effects marketplaces are having on eCommerce, positively and negatively