eTail Europe 2017

20 - 22 June, 2017

Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London

+44 20.7368.9465

 Anil Patel
Anil Patel Head of Digital The Original Factory Shop

Day 3: Online Customer Engagement - Thursday, June 22nd

11:50 AM CASE STUDY REVOLUTION: Edge Out Your Competition Using Loyalty Programs

Are loyalty programs still effective in today’s on-demand marketplace? Or are they something that only major online stores can afford to launch? Anil recently launched a store card across 217 stores in less than 6weeks, and is here to answer your most pressing questions. Anil will delve into the successes and failures he encountered along the way, before turning the discussion over to the audience to set up a ‘perfect’ loyalty program:

Decide what you will reward points for
Give your program and points a name
Decide point value
Determine how many points should be rewarded
Create an explainer page
Keep your customers coming back